Use Globus for transferring data to and from OSG Connect and its storage service Stash. For data to be used on the OSG, move the data into your storage area on Stash. From the OSG Connect login host, login.osgconnect.net, this appears as: /stash/user/your-username.

Transfer data between existing Globus endpoints

  • From the portal.osgconnect.net web site, click the Transfer ▸ Start Transfer menu.

  • On one side, enter osgconnect#stash into the endpoint field, and press "Return" or the "Go" button.

  • On the other side, enter the other endpoint from which you want to transfer data.

  • Browse the files and folders on the two endpoints to configure you transfer.

  • Optionally modify the advanced options below the two file browser panes.

  • Click on one of the arrows at the top to submit the transfer request: Go to the View Transfer window to see your transfer progress. Click on the progress bar to drill in on transfer details.

Transferring between your laptop and OSG Connect Stash

To add your own laptop as an endpoint, so that you can transfer data to/from stash, you need to install Globus Connect, by clicking on the "Get Globus Connect" in the upper right corner of the Start Transfer page. More detailed instructions for installing Globus Connect can be found here: https://www.globusonline.org/globus_connect/.

Adding a server as a Globus endpoint

To add your own server as an endpoint, so that any user on that server can transfer data to/from stash, you need to install Globus Connect Multiuser. Detailed instructions can be found here: https://www.globusonline.org/gcmu/.

Using the Globus Online Command Line Interface

You can also use the Globus Online CLI via ssh @cli.globusonline.org. More instructions on using the Globus Online CLI are here: https://www.globusonline.org/usingcli/.

Using the Globus CLI from login.osgconnect.net

When logging into login.osgconnect.net, if you use the ssh -A flag, then you will be able to login from login.osgconnect.net to cli.globusonline.org. This would be useful to run transfer scripts on login.osgconnect.net. Check the Globus command line interface from your terminal.

$ ssh -A username@login.osgconnect.net
$ ssh username@cli.globusonline.org help
Task Management:        cancel                 modify
                        details                status
                        events                 wait
Task Creation:          scp                    transfer
                        rm                     delete
File Management:        ls                     rename
Endpoint Management:    endpoint-add           acl-add
                        endpoint-activate      acl-list
                        endpoint-deactivate    acl-remove
Other:                  help                   profile
                        history                versions

Now check the available endpoints:

$ ssh username@cli.globusonline.org endpoint-list

To activate the end points:

$ ssh username@cli.globusonline.org endpoint-activate \
  username#desktop connect#stash

To copy a file from connect#stash to username#desktop:

$ ssh username@cli.globusonline.org scp \
  connect#stash:/stash/user/username/public/file.txt \

Next steps

Getting Help

s For assistance or questions, please email the OSG User Support team at support@opensciencegrid.org or visit the help desk and community forums.


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