This document describes the new features in Fsurf 2.0 and the differences from the 1.x versions.

What's New

Fsurf 2.0 adds a few new features:

Differences from Fsurf 1.x

Inputs for submission

Fsurf 2.0 changed how inputs are specified. When submitting a workflow, the inputs must be specified using --input. Previously, Fsurf required that the input files have [subject]_defaced.mri as their name. This is no longer the case.


Fsurf 2.x and Fsurf 1.x also vary slightly in how workflow information is displayed. Fsurf 2.x now shows the workflow progress when listing workflows.
Also when displaying information about a particular workflow (using the status command), Fsurf 2.x now gives information about workflow type, the parameters used for that workflow, and resources used by that workflow.

Workflow status

Fsurf 2.x also changes a few of the terms to indicate the status of a workflow. It uses QUEUED instead of UPLOADED when a workflow has been submitted. Likewise, it uses RUNNING instead of PROCESSING to indicate a workflow that is currently being run.

Support for more FreeSurfer versions

Fsurf 2.x now also supports processing workflows using FreeSurfer 5.1 and 6.0. The default is set to FreeSurfer 5.3, but other versions can be specified using --version=6.0.0 or --version=5.1.0 when submitting a workflow. E.g. ./fsurf submit --subject=MRN_3 --input=~/subjects/MRN_3_defaced.mgz --version 6.0.0


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